Issue V. 15. 2020.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Khotsialova L. I., Volkova O. D., Ermakov M. A.Exposition "History of cultivated plants of Russia" at the Laboratory of Cultivated Plants of the Main Botanical Garden n.a. N.V. Tsitsin of the Academy of Sciences
Displays: 911; Downloads: 128;
Dutova Z.The theme of local plants conservation in educational activities of Perkalskiy Arboretum of Komarov Botanical institute
Displays: 120; Downloads: 32;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Mialik A., Zhytsianioŭ L.The use of ethnobotanical materials to study the history of the cultural flora of the Central part of the Belarusian Polesie
Displays: 663; Downloads: 105;
Byalt V. V., Orlova L. V.New form of Pinus sylvestris L. founded in the Udelny park (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Displays: 362; Downloads: 81;
Melnikov D. G., Byalt V. V., Firsov G. A.Cultivated species of Lamiaceae in the Lower Khopyor flora (Volgograd Region, Russia)
Displays: 388; Downloads: 98;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Ruokolainen A. V., Kotkova V. M., Eglacheva A. V.Additions to the mycobiota of the Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 401; Downloads: 109;
Orlova L. V., Firsov G. A., Trofimuk L., Karamysheva A. V.The graceful fir (Abies gracilis Kom., Pinaceae) in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region: history of arboriculture, biological peculiarities and methods of reproduction
Displays: 430; Downloads: 108;
Salakhova E. K. The viability of pollen in some species of Berberis L. in Absheron conditions
Displays: 129; Downloads: 33;
Tkachenko K. Latent time characteristic of some species of Cactaceae family cultivated in Peter the Great Botanical garden
Displays: 76; Downloads: 29;
Borodich G. S.Seed germination of some introduced iris species during long-term storage
Displays: 324; Downloads: 87;
Volkova O., Khotsialova L. I., Ermakov M.Some features of generative reproduction of Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis L.)
Displays: 183; Downloads: 41;
Zavadskaya L., Kuzmenkova S.Double Narcissus from the collection of the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Displays: 262; Downloads: 125;
Sviatkovskaya E. A., Trostenyuk N. N., Saltan N. V. Retrospective analysis of assortment of early flowering perennial herbaceous plants for the cities of Murmansk region
Displays: 75; Downloads: 22;
Serova L. A., Petrova N. A., Kulikova L. V.Polygala sibirica L. in Herbarium of Botanic Garden of Saratov State University
Displays: 301; Downloads: 69;
Kuzmenkova S. M., Nosylovsky O. A.Catalogue of the Herbarium of the Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus (MSKH). Anthophyta: Dicotyledones
Displays: 811; Downloads: 130;

Harmony of Garden

Mammadov T. S., Gulmammadova S. A. Plant's Expositions of the National Seaside Absheron Park
Displays: 104; Downloads: 31;