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Dear authors and readers of 'Hortus Botanicus'!

Perhaps you have already received an invitation from Subtropical Botanical Garden of Kuban  to National dendrological conference "Strategy of creating sustainable dendrological collections" (rus), dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Garden (14-16 March 2017).

Conference will be devoted to a special section of the 12th volume of the journal 'Hortus Botanicus', which planned to publish memoirs, notes and essays on a subtropical botanical garden Kuban, its living collections of plants that have been transferred from it to other botanical gardens and arboretums, and and articles on the results of research, facilities or source materials for which were the Garden of plants.

Receiving publications carried out in the usual way. Recommended Theme - "essay" (more than one page). Images are welcome. Keyword list must include - Subtropical Botanical Garden Kuban.

Director of Subtropical Botanical Garden of Kuban,

member of the editorial board of 'Hortus Botanicus',

Yuri Karpun

Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University Russian Federation - Karelia - Petrozavodsk
Pruhonic Park, Czech Republic - Pruhonice
National Garden, Greece - Athens
Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation - Moscow
Botanical Garden of the V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Federation - St. Petersburg
Dendrarium 'Belye Nochi', Russian Federation - Sochi
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, United States of America - Minnesota - Chaska
Missouri Botanical Garden, United States of America - Missouri - St. Louis
Jardin des Plantes de Paris et Arboretum de Chevreloup, France - Paris
Parc et château de Versailles, France
Mardakan Dendrary, Azerbaijan - BAKU
Jardin Botanico "Viera y Clavijo", Spain - Islas Canarias - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Arboretum Mustila, Finland - Elimäki
Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens, Ireland - Dublin
Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Australia - VIC - Melbourne
Korean National Arboretum, South Korea - Gyeonggi-Do - Pocheon-Si
Nikita Botanical Garden, Crimea, Russian Federation
Arboretum Sochi National Park, Russian Federation
Botanical Garden Tauride National University, Crimea, Russian Federation