Issue V. 14. 2019.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Rubtsova E., Chuvikina N.Valentina Konstantinovna Markova – a master of botanical illustration
Displays: 467; Downloads: 130;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Firsov G. A., Byalt V. V., Orlova L. V.The new forms of gymnosperm and angiosperm woody plants at the Peter the Great Botanic Garden (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Displays: 277; Downloads: 63;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Tkachenko K.On creating specialized botanical gardens of traditional Chinese medicinal plants
Displays: 62; Downloads: 19;
Zalibekov M., Gabibova A.The species of Crataegus L. at the initial phase of introduction in the mountains of Dagestan
Displays: 293; Downloads: 90;
Viracheva L. L., Nosatenko O. Y., Trostenyuk N. N.The collection collection of introduced perennials open ground plants of Polar-Alpine botanical garden
Displays: 272; Downloads: 49;

Index Seminum

Tkachenko K.Index sporarum et seminum quae Hortus botanicus Petri Mangi Instituti Botanici nom. V. L. Komarovii Academiae Scientiarum Rossicae pro mutua commutatione offert N 156
Displays: 370; Downloads: 48;
NOVAKOVSKAYA T. V., MAKAROVA G. Y.List of plant seeds cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Syktyvkar State University, collected in 2018
Displays: 223; Downloads: 35;
Trostenyuk N. N., Viracheva L. L., Goncharova O. A., Kirillova N. R., Lipponen I. N.Catalogue of seeds of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute № 69
Displays: 45; Downloads: 13;