Issue V. 12. 2017.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Latmanizova T. M.On the 70th anniversary of the Scientific and Experimental station "Otradnoe" of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS
Displays: 72; Downloads: 15;
Tkachenko K.Botanical Garden of Rome
Displays: 178; Downloads: 23;
Tkachenko K.South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Displays: 121; Downloads: 20;

The structure of plant diversity

Vinogradova Y. K., Bochkin V. D., Mayorov S. R., Teplov K., Barinov A. V.Historical flora of Moscow’s Railway Junction (until 2012)
Displays: 96; Downloads: 15;

The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources

Kelleher C. T., Diskin A.Assessing botanical gardens specimens as a genetic resource for the future conservation - a pilot study using Magnolia delavayi in the gardens of Ireland
Displays: 110; Downloads: 10;
Androsova V. I., Chernisheva T., Eglacheva A.Lichens of coniferous introduced trees in arboretum of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 84; Downloads: 16;
Firsov G., Bulgakov T.The modern state of elms (Ulmus L., Ulmaceae) in arboretum of Peter the Great Botanic Garden under conditions of epiphytoty of the Dutch elm disease
Displays: 49; Downloads: 16;
Firsov G. A., Byalt A. V.Lonicera L. genus at the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 52; Downloads: 25;

Harmony of Garden

Karpisonova R. A.Principles of creation of the artificial plant communities
Displays: 94; Downloads: 17;