Issue V. 14. 2019.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Rubtsova E., Chuvikina N.Valentina Konstantinovna Markova – a master of botanical illustration
Displays: 6116; Downloads: 1036;
Ermakov M. A.History of "New, rare and uncommon fruit and berry plants" exposition
Displays: 2643; Downloads: 673;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Prokhorov A. A.The phenomenon of modern speciation in botanical gardens
Displays: 2839; Downloads: 682;
Firsov G. A., Byalt V. V., Orlova L. V.The new forms of gymnosperm and angiosperm woody plants at the Peter the Great Botanic Garden (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Displays: 3995; Downloads: 765;
Byalt V. V., Popov V. I.Flora of the South city solid waste landfill in St. Petersburg, 1999
Displays: 3816; Downloads: 762;
Alieva D.New areas of distribution of some plant species in the basin of Sumgayitchay river in Azerbaijan
Displays: 2689; Downloads: 652;

Hypotheses, Discoveries and Technologies

Prokhorov A. A., Pyaskin R.Determination of the possible amount of dew on the surface of plants
Displays: 3133; Downloads: 677;
Sorokin A.Scientific methods for identification of plants mentioned in ancient texts (as exemplified by biblical phytonymics)
Displays: 3569; Downloads: 645;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Orlova L. V., Firsov G. A., Trofimuk L. P., Karamysheva A. V.Siberian dwarf pine (Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel, Pinaceae) – history of study, the current state in the botanical gardens of Saint Petersburg and the perspectives of its use in greening in the North-West of Russia
Displays: 7190; Downloads: 808;
Firsov G., Yarmishko V., Volchanskaya A., Varfolomeeva E., Malysheva E., Malysheva V.Drying out of woody plants at Peter the Great Botanical Garden BIN RAS (Saint Petersburg) and distribution of Phytophthora and Pythiumspecies: monitoring of 2018
Displays: 2654; Downloads: 655;
Tkachenko K.Collections of botanical gardens - a modern practice of conserving and studying the diversity of the plant world
Displays: 2669; Downloads: 637;
Tkachenko K.On creating specialized botanical gardens of traditional Chinese medicinal plants
Displays: 2700; Downloads: 735;
Mozhaeva G. F., Fatyunina Y. A.Collection of medicinal plants of the Botanical Garden named after I. Sprygin of the Penza State University
Displays: 2384; Downloads: 685;
Vasfilova E. S., Vorob'eva T. A.Collection of medicinal plants as a base for the training of specialists in the field of pharmacy
Displays: 3268; Downloads: 638;
Soltani G. A.Rarities of collection Sochi arboretum
Displays: 7999; Downloads: 857;
Firsov G. A., Orlova L. V., Khmarik A. G.Picea A. Dietr. (Pinaceae) genus at Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 2964; Downloads: 726;
Zalibekov M., Gabibova A.The species of Crataegus L. at the initial phase of introduction in the mountains of Dagestan
Displays: 2877; Downloads: 757;
Goncharova O. A., Lipponen I. N., Poloskova E. Y.Linear growth of lateral shoots of the introduced plants of the species Crataegus L. at the Polar – Alpine Botanical Garden and Institute
Displays: 2782; Downloads: 624;
Volkova O., Khotsialova L. I., Kirichek A. M.The collection of wild relatives of fruit and berry plants at the Main Botanical Garden named after N. V. Tsitsin RAS
Displays: 2493; Downloads: 606;
Ermakov M. A., Volkova O. D., Khotsialova L. I., Zagumennicova T. N., Potapova A. V.Rowan in the collection of the Laboratory of cultivated plants of the Main Botanical garden n.a. N. V. Tsitsin RAS
Displays: 4784; Downloads: 777;
Ermakov M. A., Volkova O. D., Khotsialova L. I., Zagumennicova T. N., Potapova А. V.The study of the characteristics of the forms and varieties of (Viburnum opulus L.) plants at the Main Botanical Garden of RAS
Displays: 3150; Downloads: 658;
Platonova E.Phenological development of perennial plants in the «Shadow Garden» of Botanical Garden of the Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 3873; Downloads: 687;
Antipina G., Antipin V.Settlement of hogweed Sosnovsky (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.) on the Lososinka river (within the city of Petrozavodsk)
Displays: 2381; Downloads: 595;
Lyabzina S., Chalkin A., Gorbach V.Study of Quarantine Species of Animals in the Territory of the PetrSU Botanical Garden
Displays: 3518; Downloads: 719;
Viracheva L. L., Nosatenko O. Y., Trostenyuk N. N.The collection collection of introduced perennials open ground plants of Polar-Alpine botanical garden
Displays: 3179; Downloads: 731;
Viracheva L. L., Goncharova O. A., Kirillova N. R., Nosatenko O. Y., Trostenyuk N. N.Rare and disappearing plants in the introductive collection of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden and Institute
Displays: 2388; Downloads: 619;
Kirillova N. R.Representation of water plants of the Murmansk region in the herbarium of the N. A. Avrorin Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute
Displays: 3017; Downloads: 796;
Kuzmenkova S. M., Nosylovsky O. A.Catalogue of the Herbarium of the Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus (MSKH)
Displays: 3358; Downloads: 1031;

Index Seminum

Tkachenko K.Index sporarum et seminum quae Hortus botanicus Petri Mangi Instituti Botanici nom. V. L. Komarovii Academiae Scientiarum Rossicae pro mutua commutatione offert N 156
Displays: 3745; Downloads: 803;
NOVAKOVSKAYA T. V., MAKAROVA G. Y.List of plant seeds cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Syktyvkar State University, collected in 2018
Displays: 3031; Downloads: 733;
Trostenyuk N. N., Viracheva L. L., Goncharova O. A., Kirillova N. R., Lipponen I. N.Catalogue of seeds of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute № 69
Displays: 3491; Downloads: 786;
Displays: 3314; Downloads: 831;


Khokhlacheva J. A., Kabanov A. V., Bondorina I. A., Smirnova Z. I.Insight into the botanical gardens of Georgia
Displays: 3409; Downloads: 694;