Issue V. 8. 2013.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Politsinski Z.210 year anniversary of the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu
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Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Science

Firsov G., Lavrentyev N.History of introduction of Fagaceae taxa in Saint-Petersburg
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The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources. Ex situ

Denysko I. L.Multiplication of Patio roses by cutting
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The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources. In situ

Zavodovskiy P. G.Polypore mushrooms of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
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Rokhlova E.Biological characteristic of Oxalis stricta L. in South Karelia
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Harmony of Garden. Horticulture

Karpun Y. N.Features of accelerated cultivation of ornamental woody plants in containers in the subtropical zone of Russia
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Information Technology for Botanic Gardens

Prokhorov A. A., Kuzmenkova S. M.Components of the information space of Botanical Garden
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Prokhorov A. A., Platonova E. A., Shreders M. A., Tarasenko V. V., Andrjuseko V. V., Kulikova V. V.Components of the information space of Botanic Gardens. Geoinformational system of the Botanic Garden PetrSU.
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