Issue V. 9. 2014.

Editorial Note

Prokhorov A.The ninth volume
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Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Tkachenko K.Alpinarium of Peter the Great Botanical Gardens. History of creation and principles of organization collection
Displays: 10996; Downloads: 1621;

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Public Garden

Soltani G. A.History of the arboretum " Yuzhnye Cultury" (Southern Culture) (persons and events)
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Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Education

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Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Science

Firsov G., Vedenyapina E., Volchanskaya A.Soil-borne phytophtoras and woody plants in Saint-Petersburg: new threats of the third millennium
Displays: 8870; Downloads: 1747;

The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources. Ex situ

Popovich S. Y., Stepanenko N. P.Representation of arborescent plants, registered in Red Data Book of the Russian Federation, in Ukrainian Forest-steppe botanical gardens and arboretums
Displays: 6915; Downloads: 1660;
Volchanskaya A., Firsov G.Prospects of further introduction of woody plants of the Red Data Book of Russia to Saint-Petersburg
Displays: 6698; Downloads: 1561;
Eglacheva A., Lopinova E. V., Printseva I. V.Conifers in decorative arboretum of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 7840; Downloads: 1405;
Falin A., Kovyaka V.The results of experimental studies on the cultivation of species of southern origin in the Botanical Garden PetrSU
Displays: 7556; Downloads: 1357;
Dinovа G. D., Imanbayeva A. A., Kosareva O. N.The study of apricot grades in the arid conditions of Mangistau
Displays: 6280; Downloads: 1320;
Pavlova M. A.Саrех muskingumensis Schwein., cultivated in the open ground in the south-east of Ukraine
Displays: 5833; Downloads: 1353;
Platonova E., Timokhina T.Recent additions to the collection funds of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University. Perennial ornamental plants
Displays: 5815; Downloads: 1178;
Rak N., Litvinova S., Napareva M.Monitoring of pests of Coccinea suborder in the collection greenhouses at Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden
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Information Technology for Botanic Gardens

Annenkova I. V.Geographic Information System arboretum garden of Sochi "Dendrarium"
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Annenkova I. V.GIS modeling of introduction zones in Sochi
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Harmony of Garden. Landscape

Prokhorov A. A.The Nature of landscape preferences
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Events of the Year

Tkachenko K.Botanical Garden of Peter the Great in the fourth century comes
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Prokhorov A. A.Try this lobio. On the anniversary of Yuri Kaprun
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Literary Gardening

Karpun Y. N.Cooking tips from the experienced amateur
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