Issue V. 16. 2021.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Filimonov A. A.Botanical Gardens: Conservation of Terminological Diversity
Displays: 2295; Downloads: 478;
Kuzevanov V. Y., Enkhtuya L., Ochgerel N.Academic Botanic Garden as an Ecological Resource for the Socio-Economic and Sustainable Development of Mongolia
Displays: 3788; Downloads: 599;
Tkachenko K.Wuhan Botanical Garden Chinese Academy of Science
Displays: 1587; Downloads: 420;
Roguleva N. O., Rabbonaeva V. I.Living Collection as Visual Aids in the Study of Botany by Schoolchildren
Displays: 1376; Downloads: 446;
Roguleva N.Greenhouse complex of the Samara University Botanical Garden
Displays: 1170; Downloads: 329;
Rubtsova E., Chuvikina N., Klimenko S.First Post-war Years of L. I. Rubtsova – a New Stage in Life and Work. Botanical Secrets of Mezhigorie near Kiev
Displays: 1452; Downloads: 359;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Mialik A.The role of introduction in the processes of anthropogenic transformation of the flora of the Pripyat Polesje
Displays: 1301; Downloads: 322;
Orlova L. V., Byalt V. V., Korshunov M. V.Cultivated and native species of Gymnosperms to the flora of the Fujairah Emirate
Displays: 2338; Downloads: 307;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Viracheva L. L., Ivanova L. A.Plants of the Gymnosperms (Gymnospermae) in the Greenhouse of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden
Displays: 1450; Downloads: 362;
Rumyantsev D. E., Kuznetsov B. A., Novoselov V. V., Melikhova M. A.Analysis of radial growth variability of trees - natural monuments in the urbanized environment of Moscow
Displays: 1402; Downloads: 325;
Bagirova S. B., Hasanova M. Y.Dendrochronological Methods in the Study of Some Species of Azerbaijan Flora
Displays: 1367; Downloads: 354;
Gulizada S. F.Application of sonic tomography to study the state of some species of Pinus and Gleditsia in the conditions of Absheron
Displays: 1367; Downloads: 530;
Firsov G. A., Trofimuk L., Zmitrovich I. V.Katsura trees (Cercidiphyllum Siebold et Zucc., Cercidiphyllaceae) in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great: results of arboriculture, state and prospects of breeding
Displays: 1440; Downloads: 332;
Sinkevich O., Surina T. A., Kopina M. B., Lyabzina S. N.Micromycetes of Introduced Conifers Trees of the Botanic Garden of PetrSU
Displays: 1821; Downloads: 423;
Volkova O., Khotsialova L., Ermakov M.Study of some peculiareties of generative reproduction of yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) for its introduction as a medicinal plant
Displays: 1242; Downloads: 337;

Nature of Botanc Gardens

Guseva T., Krupennikova I., Melnik G., Mokrova A., Perederin V., Perederin F., Rozenberg N.Satellite geodynamic monitoring in Karelia and adjacent regions
Displays: 1124; Downloads: 320;
Valdaeva E. V., Lyabzina S. N.Composition and population structure of testate amoebae (Rhizopoda, Testacea) soil communities in Botanic Garden of PetrSU
Displays: 2361; Downloads: 391;

Harmony of Garden

Gulmammadova S. A., Mammadov T. S.The Study of Ornamental Plants in the Philharmonic Absheron Garden
Displays: 1708; Downloads: 334;

Information Technology for Botanic Gardens

Serova L. A., Petrova N. A., Kulikova L. V., Shakina T. N., Loskutova E. A.Phenological observations at the SSU Botanical Garden Education and Research Center (Recording of Observations and Processing of Results)
Displays: 2208; Downloads: 407;