Issue V. 19. 2024.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Bazhina E. A., Bazhina E. V., Koretc M. A. V.N. Institute of Forest Arboretum, Krasnoyarsk as the Object of Ecological Education
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Structure of Plant Diversity

Orlova L. V., Byalt V. V., Forsov G. A. Larix sibirica Ledeb. f. candelabriformis L. V. Orlova, V. V. Byalt et G. A. Firsov, forma nova – a new form of Siberian larch from St. Petersburg
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Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Volkova O., KHotsialova L. Study of the degree of defoliation of common oak (Quercus robur L.) in the conditions of the Main Botanical Garden named after N. V. Tsitsina RAS (Moscow)
Displays: 80; Downloads: 27;
Firsov G., Volchanskaya A., Orlova L., Tkachenko K., Staroverov N., Gryaznov A. Picea schrenkiana Fisch. et C.A. Mey. in the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 75; Downloads: 32;
Borodich G. S. Varieties of hybrid iris of Australian breeding in the CBG of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
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