Issue V. 12. 2017.

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present

Latmanizova T. M.On the 70th anniversary of the Scientific and Experimental station "Otradnoe" of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS
Displays: 6566; Downloads: 1287;
Tkachenko K.Botanical Garden of Rome
Displays: 5146; Downloads: 1133;
Tkachenko K.South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Displays: 6447; Downloads: 1047;
Volchanskaya A.Quest as creative technology то popularize scientific collections of the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 4222; Downloads: 938;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Vinogradova Y. K., Bochkin V. D., Mayorov S. R., Teplov K., Barinov A. V.Historical flora of Moscow’s Railway Junction (until 2012)
Displays: 6365; Downloads: 1191;
Serapionova O., Sonina A. V.Epilithic lichens in rock communities on the territory of the Botanical Garden of PetrSU
Displays: 6269; Downloads: 821;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Kelleher C. T., Diskin A.Assessing botanical gardens specimens as a genetic resource for the future conservation - a pilot study using Magnolia delavayi in the gardens of Ireland
Displays: 4507; Downloads: 1526;
Elisafenko T., Dorogina O.Significance of "Rare Endangered Species of Siberian Plants" collection in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden
Displays: 6649; Downloads: 1167;
Kabusheva I. N., Sak N. L.Conservation of palm (Arecaceae Bercht. & J. Presl) biodiversity in the collection of greenhouse plants of the Central Botanical Garden of the NAS of Belarus
Displays: 6097; Downloads: 915;
Roguleva N.Collection of greenhouse plants in the Botanical Garden of Samara University
Displays: 4160; Downloads: 813;
Zalibekov M., Aliev H., Anatov D., Asadulaew Z., Gabibova A., Gadzhiataev M., Gaziev M., Ismailov A., Magomedova B., Mallaliev M., Omarova P., Osmanov R., Sadykova G.Catalogue of wood plants of the Mountain Botanical Garden
Displays: 3976; Downloads: 841;
Androsova V. I., Chernisheva T., Eglacheva A.Lichens of coniferous introduced trees in arboretum of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 4181; Downloads: 988;
Firsov G., Bulgakov T.The modern state of elms (Ulmus L., Ulmaceae) in arboretum of Peter the Great Botanic Garden under conditions of epiphytoty of the Dutch elm disease
Displays: 3473; Downloads: 977;
Firsov G. A., Byalt A. V.Lonicera L. genus at the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 4252; Downloads: 1269;
Firsov G., Volchanskaya A., Tkachenko K.Tolmachev’s honeysuckle (Lonicera tolmatchevii Pojark., Caprifoliaceae) in Saint Petersburg
Displays: 3358; Downloads: 858;
Mitina L. V., Vinogradova E. N., Kharkhota L. V.Woody plants of the Caucasus in the Donetsk Botanical Garden
Displays: 4322; Downloads: 930;
Privalko L.Ontogeny and reproductive biology features of Rhodiola kirilowii (Regel) Maxim. in different light habitat conditions of the steppe zone
Displays: 3652; Downloads: 776;
Zhurzha Y., Koldar L. A.Morphogenetic potential of explants Rhamnus L. genus representatives in vitro
Displays: 4043; Downloads: 845;
Lyakh E. M.Adaptation of molecular methods for Syringa vulgaris L. cultivars identification
Displays: 4464; Downloads: 839;
Kabanov A. V.Formation of the collection of perennial herbaceous North American representatives of the aster family in the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Displays: 3758; Downloads: 851;
Anischenko L. V., Shishlova Z. N.Annotated list of medicinal and aromatic plants in open ground of Botanical Garden of the Southern Federal University
Displays: 3853; Downloads: 754;
Slepchenko N., Lobova T., Antonova K.Introduction and cultivar study of crocus on the Black sea coast of Russia (Sochi)
Displays: 4040; Downloads: 860;
Konnov N.Collection of Liriope Lour. and Ophiopogon Ker Gawl. of Kuban Subtropical Botanical Garden
Displays: 3386; Downloads: 840;
Pashchenko O.Freesia refracta collection in the Russian Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops and prospects for its expansion
Displays: 4250; Downloads: 765;
Tukach S. I.Features of seeds formation of genus Zinnia L. species and sorts cultivated at the Crimean foothill zone
Displays: 3665; Downloads: 757;
Marchenko A.Symptoms of main Callistephus chinensis L. Nees. diseases under Ukrainian urban ecosystem conditions of the forest-steppe zone
Displays: 3351; Downloads: 809;
Antipina G. S., Maganov I. A., Platonova E., Falin A. Y.Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden. in the PetrSU Botanical Garden
Displays: 6611; Downloads: 1138;

Harmony of Garden

Karpisonova R. A.Principles of creation of the artificial plant communities
Displays: 7417; Downloads: 1152;
Karpisonova R. A., Bondorina I. A., Kabanov A. V., Mamaeva N. A., Khokhlacheva J. A.Ecological basis for selecting ornamental perennials for urban landscaping
Displays: 3804; Downloads: 884;

Literary Gardening

Firsov G.1989 expedition for new plants to the Russian Far East
Displays: 3921; Downloads: 910;

SUPPLEMENT I. Index Seminum

Novakovskaya T. V., BOOS A. A.Index Seminum 2016. Botanical garden of the Syktyvkar state university named after Pitirim Sorokin
Displays: 4894; Downloads: 975;
Tkachenko K.Index sporarum et seminum quae hortus botanicus Petri Mangi Instituti botanici nom. V. L. Komarovii Academiae Scientiarum Rossicae pro mutua commutatione offert № CLIV
Displays: 7724; Downloads: 1233;
Guseynova Z. A., Asadulaev Z. M., Murtazaliev R. A.Index Seminum annis 2017-2018. Mountain Botanical Garden of the Dagestan Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science
Displays: 4755; Downloads: 1127;
Platonova E., Eglacheva A., Kabonen A., Obuhova E., Timofeeva V., Timohina T., Falin A.Index Sporarum et Seminum 2017. Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University
Displays: 4395; Downloads: 1072;

SUPPLEMENT II. The strategy of creating sustainable dendrology collections

Karpun Y. N.Brief history of the development of the Subtropical Botanical Garden of the Kuban
Displays: 4102; Downloads: 1110;
Karpun Y.On sustainability of dendrological collections of botanical gardens and arboretums parks in Russia
Displays: 2656; Downloads: 783;
Arnautova E.Features of cultivating dendrological collections in the greenhouses of botanical gardens (as exemplified by greenhouse collections of the BIN RAS Botanical Garden of Peter the Great)
Displays: 4427; Downloads: 839;
Soltany G.Unity and difference of botanical gardens and arboretums as a factor of sustainable development of collections
Displays: 3121; Downloads: 793;
Naumtsev Y.Sustainable dendrological collections strategy - reason and affections
Displays: 3090; Downloads: 812;
Prokhorov A. A.Plant self-irrigation and stability of dendrocollections
Displays: 3407; Downloads: 846;
Karpun Y. N., Kuvaitsev M. V., Kunina V. A.On the issue of drought-tolerant ornamental woody plants the Black Sea coast (near Sochi)
Displays: 3489; Downloads: 918;
Ergasheva G.Historical aspects of introduction, geography of distribution and testing in the culture of tree lianas
Displays: 2908; Downloads: 883;
Shumikhin S. A., Chertkova M., Nikitina O.The assessment of the seeds quality of the Rhododendron L. species introduced at the Western Ural area
Displays: 3463; Downloads: 809;
Ryazanova N. A.Collection of maples (Acer L.) of Ufa botanical garden
Displays: 3326; Downloads: 817;
Abdullina R. G.Collection of Sorbus L. genus in the City of Ufa Botanical Garden
Displays: 4977; Downloads: 879;
Murzabulatova F. K.Seasonal rhythm of Deutzia amurensis (Regel) Airy-Schaw development by the introduction in Bashkir Cis-Urals
Displays: 3182; Downloads: 794;
Ergasheva G., Nazirov R. S.Species of the Clematis L. perspective for introduction in Tajikistan
Displays: 3166; Downloads: 771;
Firsov G., Byalt V., Orlova L., Khmarik A.Promising species and forms of conifers for Saint-Petersburg city planting
Displays: 6259; Downloads: 1407;
Sorokopudova O. A., Artyukhova A. V.Ornamental trees and shrubs in ARHIBAN collection
Displays: 3933; Downloads: 834;
Polyakova N. V., Murzabulatova F. K.Decorative shrubs in landscape compositions
Displays: 5226; Downloads: 1188;
Kucherova S. V., Murzabulatova F. K., Polyakova N. V.Decorative taxa of subfamily Prunoideae in culture and natural populations of Bashkortostan
Displays: 3714; Downloads: 837;
Chebannaya L. P.To the anniversary of the Kuban Subtropical Botanical Garden
Displays: 3113; Downloads: 831;
Isaenko T.To the 40th anniversary of Kuban subtropical botanical garden
Displays: 2969; Downloads: 807;
Karpun Y. N.Joint Resolution of the National Conference "Strategy for the Creation of Sustainable Dendrological Collections" and the organizational meeting of the Dendrological Commission of the Council of Botanical Gardens of Russia, held on March 14-16, 2017 in the Subtropical Botanical Garden of the Kuban (Sochi).
Displays: 3401; Downloads: 741;
Prokhorov A. A.In memory of Yuri Karpun
Displays: 3058; Downloads: 885;