Issue V. 10. 2015.

Hypotheses, Discoveries and Technologies

Prokhorov A.Dewpoint - unstudied factor in ecology, physiology and plant introduction
Displays: 6502; Downloads: 1257;
Karpun Y. N., Konnov N. A., Kuvaitsev M. V., Prokhorov A. A.Active condensation of the atmospheric moisture as a self-irrigation mechanism for the ground-covering plants
Displays: 6104; Downloads: 1281;
Prokhorov A.Ideal climatic conditions for condensation of atmospheric moisture on the plants’ surface
Displays: 5473; Downloads: 1173;

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Science

Arnautova E.History of the glasshouse collections of the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 9944; Downloads: 1702;
Firsov G.Woody plants of the modern collection of the Peter the Great Botanic Garden introduced into cultivation by the Garden
Displays: 5400; Downloads: 1398;
Tkachenko K.Seed laboratory, carpological collection, and exchange by seeds at the Peter the Great Botanical Garden
Displays: 5524; Downloads: 1239;
Repetskaya A. I.Policy of the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University Botanical garden for developing a samples’ fund during the garden’s transition into an introduction post
Displays: 7367; Downloads: 1410;
Chertovich V. N.About the history of the development of the ( Polypodiophyta ) fern collection at the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Displays: 5929; Downloads: 1201;

Botanical Gardens: Past and Present. Public Garden

Platonova E., Eglacheva A., Obuhova E., Falin A."Garden walk – on the road to health", a new informative and health-improving route at the Petrozavodsk State University Botanical Garden
Displays: 4491; Downloads: 1126;

Structure of Plant Diversity

Kharchenko V. E.The problem analysis of regional flors in botanical gardens
Displays: 5130; Downloads: 1145;
Porokhniava O. L.The systematic position of the Cladrastis Rafin. genus: history of research, synonyms, place in modern phylogenetic systems
Displays: 5345; Downloads: 1169;
Firsov G., Byalt V.New forms of maples (ACER L., Aceraceae) cultivated at Peter the Great Botanic Garden (ST. Petersburg, Russia)
Displays: 5121; Downloads: 1225;

Conservation, Mobilization and Study of Plant Genetic Resources

Antipina G. S., Rochlova E. L.Checklist of herbaceous plants in South Karelia
Displays: 8983; Downloads: 1638;

The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources. In situ

Talibov T., Ibrahimov A.Economically valuable woody plants of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan
Displays: 5311; Downloads: 1397;

The conservation, mobilization and study of plant genetic resources. Ex situ

Firsov G., Vasiliev N., Tkachenko K.Genus Malus Mill. in Arboretum collection of Peter the Great Botanic Garden
Displays: 15865; Downloads: 1807;
Firsov G., Vasiljev N., Fedorova N.Species of Juglandaceae at Peter the Great Botanic Garden at Apothecaries Island
Displays: 6195; Downloads: 1678;
Goncharova O. A., Poloskova E. Y., Lipponen I. N.Phenological development of introduced species Picea A. Dietr. on the Kola Peninsula
Displays: 6492; Downloads: 1371;
Goncharova O. A.Composition of collection of the introduced plants of family Pinaceae Lindl. in the Polar– Alpine botanical garden – institute
Displays: 5280; Downloads: 1229;
Sulyga N. V.Special aspects of seed reproduction of the Liriodendron tulipifera L. in the context of plant introduction in the Ukraine’s Right-Bank forest steppe
Displays: 7578; Downloads: 1340;
Kopylova T. V.Seed propagation technology of the representatives of genus Pyracantha M. Roem. in conditions of the Right Bank Forest Steppe zone of Ukraine
Displays: 6570; Downloads: 1127;
Pavlova M. A.A short life cycle of introduced Carex vulpina L. in the Donetsk Botanical Garden
Displays: 5619; Downloads: 1308;
Pavlova M. A.Specific features of ontogeny of Iris orientalis Mill. introduced to the south-east Ukraine
Displays: 5646; Downloads: 1255;
Alexeeva N. B.Iris glaucescens Bunge (Iridaceae), the rare flag of the Siberian plant kingdom
Displays: 6826; Downloads: 1442;
Karpun J. N., KONNOV N. A., Romanov M. S.Ultrastructure of the air pores as a diagnostic feature of the Liriope Lour. genus.
Displays: 5695; Downloads: 1186;
Marchenko A. B.Variety of plant pathogens of ornamental shrubs of the genus Rosa L.
Displays: 17715; Downloads: 1705;

Harmony of Garden. Landscape

Soltani G.Romanticism of Khudekov Park. To semantics of Sochi "Arboretum"
Displays: 22429; Downloads: 1373;
Platonova E.Expositions of the Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University: "Shady garden"
Displays: 5378; Downloads: 1194;
Eglacheva A.Expositions of the Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University: "Рagan Meadow"
Displays: 8017; Downloads: 1615;
Kirilkina T.Expositions of the Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University: "Round Garden"
Displays: 7050; Downloads: 1217;

Information Technology for Botanic Gardens

Eglacheva A., Androsova V., Shreders M., Chernysheva T., Koroleva A.Inventorying and pinpoint mapping of woody plants in the European and North American sectors of arboretum of the PetrSU Botanic Garden
Displays: 15115; Downloads: 1355;


Tkachenko K. G.Agrobotanical Exhibition Garden of China
Displays: 5328; Downloads: 1128;